v2 Nug Pins Blind Bag

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Get one, two, or three v2 nug Pins from the v2 nug Collection, including the pins in the pictures. You will receive a random variant for each pin that you order. There is a complete list of variants and Limited Edition (LE) numbers at the bottom of this description. I will do my best to not send any duplicates in the same order if you buy more than one, in that same order.

These v2 nug pins are a super cute, chunky and creamy miniature versions of the larger bud and 3D Cola pins. Because these are so detailed, 3D and have been painted by hand, as well as special treatments applied to the metal -there are possibly numerous imperfections, and none of these pins are exactly identical to each other. 
These pins are part of an initiative to create the most realistic and distinct marijuana pins for cannabis enthusiasts, and help increase the appreciation of this wonderful plant. Featuring:

  • Amazing Sculpted 3D Detail
  • Chunky Feel
  • Hand painted enamel Art and Workmanship
  • Jewelry Quality Nickel Alloy Metal
  • Some pins include Glitter, UV, and Glow Effects
  • 1.2" High 
  • Limited Edition and Numbered
  • Art by "cream"

You can see every hair and tiny bud structure in these and can spend a long time just staring at them while you are enjoying your high <3

These are the variants of this pin, as seen from left to right order going down in the group photo:

  • LE50 Blue Dream
  • LE50 Super Silver Haze
  • LE25 Blue Cheese
  • LE25 Lemon Haze
  • LE25 Chernobyl
  • LE25 AK-47
  • LE25 GD Purple
  • LE25 Amnesia
  • LE25 OG Kush
  • LE25 GS Cookies
  • LE25 Pineapple Express
  • LE25 Cinderella 99
  • LE25 Strawberry Cough
  • LE25 Jack Herer
  • LE25 Chemdog
  • LE50 White Widow
  • LE50 Clementine
  • LE50 Cotton Candy
  • LE50 Copper
  • LE50 Green Crack
  • LE50 Berry
  • LE50 Colombian
  • LE50 Island Sweet Skunk
  • LE50 Maui Wowie
  • LE50 Blueberry
  • LE50 Alaskan Thunder F*ck
  • LE50 Alien
  • LE50 Grape Ape
  • LE50 Radioactive
  • LE50 Space
  • OE Silver Haze
  • OE Northern Lights
  • OE EctoPlasm
  • OE Purple Haze
  • OE Durban Poison
  • LE50 Rainbow (Error, not pictured)