THE SECRET : Key Lock Pin

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This pin took 7 months to make and now it's here for you to enjoy! This pin is also the result of several years of improving my art, and finally being able to make pins that I only dreamed about for very long. It is a true testament to trying my best to make good things happen, and it really means a lot to me that I could share this with the world right now.

With every purchase you will receive a random blind bag of this pin, either the LE150 variant, or three LE35 variants.  Please see the photo of the four variants to see what they look like.

There is no possible way I can describe this pin, and what it is, but most of it is a secret and an experiment. I can guarantee if you like the way it looks in the pictures, you will enjoy much more in person.

I am hoping you get a chance to enjoy this pin and add it to your cream board because it is truly stunning and can be appreciated forever by you, and your friends and family ♥ 
  • Official cream Artwork and Jewelry Design
  • 2.3" Inches High from Top to Bottom
  • Amazing Sculpted 3D Detail and Quality
  • Thick Chunky Creamy Style Jewelry Quality Nickel Alloy Metal
  • 3D Art on the Back
  • 4 Posts on the Back for Security
  • Limited Edition Numbered
  • Art by "cream", I Imagined, Drew and Designed this Artwork ♥