Steampunk Owl Pin

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Limit of 4 per person maximum please, or you may be refunded.

Presenting the Steampunk Owl Pin. This is actually FOUR pins connected together, requiring four molds, and the wings move up and down with over 180 degrees of movement, as well as the tail, as close to a real Owl as I could make it.

This listing is for one pin of the three variations pictured, randomly picked and sent to you. You have about a 1 in 20 chance of receiving an Experimental Artist Proof pin. 

Because of the 3D levels, these pins have to be hand-painted, and there may be flaws - such as too much/not enough paint or glitter in areas, small scratches and imperfections. These should be considered A or B grade depending on these factors.

  • 2.7" High 4.6" Wide
  • Amazing Sculpted 3D Detail and Quality
  • Tiny Creamy Glittery Scales
  • Thick Chunky Creamy Style Nickel Alloy Metal
  • 7 posts (2 on each Wing, 2 on Body, 1 on Tail)
  • Art on the back
  • Insane Glow and UV Effects
  • Open Edition Numbered and Limited Edition Aritists Proofs
  • Art by "cream"