Steampunk Dragonfly 4 Pin Set

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Get four(4) of the five(5) LE variants not including the LE25 variant.
Presenting the cream Steampunk Dragonfly pin, three pins put together to make this fantastically crafted flying insect machine.

  • 1.8" high 3.2" wide
  • Amazing Sculpted 3D Detail and Quality
  • Tiny Creamy Glittery Scales
  • Thick Chunky Creamy Style Nickel Alloy Metal
  • 6 posts (2 on each wing, 2 on the body)
  • Art on the back
  • Limited Edition Numbered
  • Art by "cream"

Le200 Copper Creampunk / LE150 Bionic Fury / Le100 Chromatic Reactor / LE50 Spectral Phase
LE25 Platinum Entity AI (not shown)