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Presenting the cream Bolt Bear! This Red White and Blue Bolt Bear is a Limited Edition of Only 100, and wants to be on your cream board! There is no limit, purchase as many as you'd like for yourself, or as gifts. Each purchase is for 1 OG LE100 RWB Bolt Bear Pin.

I was in a trippy groove, drawing a bunch of Bears, and I realized how the collar on the original Bear design looked almost like a bolt of lightning. After drawing the one bolt, I decided to take it one step further, and drew a total of 13 bolts, in one Bear! This is most likely the most bolted-out Bear you've ever seen, thus was born.... the Bolt Bear!

Every person that has seen this instantly recognized what it was, but didn't realize there are a total of 13 bolts in this one design. I am beyond happy to finally release this design as a pin, available to you now... until the last one has marched out of the building, to your mailbox.

There are a few more Le33 variants of this Bear, only available as part of a set that can be obtained in the CREAMTEAM Facebook group. This pin and design is the result of 8 years of drawing and producing my own pins. Just like the bear, I believe in putting my best foot forward and I hope it can make a home with you ♥ There are more details underneath these specifications:

  • Official cream Artwork and Jewelry Design
  • 1.8" Inches High from Top to Bottom
  • Amazing Detail and Quality
  • Thick Chunky Creamy Style Jewelry Quality Nickel Alloy Metal
  • Art on the Back
  • 3 Posts on the Back for Security
  • Limited Edition Numbered
  • Art by "cream", I Imagined, Drew and Designed this Artwork ♥

Written by Nick Aron (CREAMTEAM Admin):
The Dancing Bear icon first showed up as stickers slapped on Owsley "Bear" Stanley's amplifiers and other sound equipment.

First appear on cover of album "History of the Grateful Dead" Vol.1 Bears Choice produced and recorded by Owsley as a tribute of sorts to Ron "Pigpen" McKernan who died during production of the album. Designed by Bob Thomas, they are actually marching, not dancing.

Lightning bolts are symbolic of divine inspiration and intervention, of epiphanies and transformative experiences, many Deadheads would agree that this is true of the music of the Grateful Dead, as do I.

The lightning bolt logo was the first logo to distinguish their equipment from other bands gear backstage as it was stenciled on their cases. Owsley and Bob Thomas are the creators.

More Info found on (link):

As fans of the band, you’ve probably heard of the group’s sound engineer and longtime friend, Owsley “Bear” Stanley. While on tour with the band in 1969, Owsley realized that they needed an identifiable symbol to spray paint on the band’s equipment so that it would be easily discernible when jammed next to other band’s gear backstage. Inspired by the shape and bold markings of a dual-colored freeway sign he passed on the road, Owsley teamed up with a friend and graphic designer named Bob Thomas. Together, they brought his vision of a round visually striking logo with red and blue separated by a lightning strike to life... and the bolt was born!

A few years later in 1973, the 13-point lightning bolt joined the classic skull to create one of the band’s most identifiable symbols: The Steal Your Face! The album, titled History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One (and nicknamed Bear's Choice), honors the band’s beloved soundman and chemist by featuring his favorite live tracks and the symbol he had a hand in creating as the cover art