OG Crystal Pigeon Painting

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Presenting a Proper and Plentifully Populous Portrayal of the Pigeon Pin in Poplar Plywood. Painstakingly Painted to Parallel the Pins Pigmentation and Partial Polychromasia. Please Partake in the Pleasure of this Piece in Person, Promptly! 

A must have if you love crystal Pigeons, or just good old regular non-crystal Pigeons, or just feeling a little Peckish for an original artwork to own.
The very first wood Painting completed by me, after months of attempting to work out a Process, and I am happy to share it with you here, now!
Would you Put this in your home/office/museum or gift it to someone special in Particular? This bird is ready to fly home to it's new human Partner. As well, there will be one (1) cream Crystal Pigeon Pin included, so you can wear/carry around the smaller version, instead of this large one, if you'd Prefer.

  • 25" x 19" Acrylic on Wood
  • Gold Leaf Highlights
  • UV effects
  • 1 Pin included