v1 Cola Pins Blind Bag

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Get one random blind bag Cola Pin from the v1 Cola collection of Marijuana Cola Pins

These pins are the most amazing, detailed, completely dank weed pins I have ever seen and I am extremely proud to have drawn and made them. I am certain you will love them forever too. Featuring:

  • Amazing Detail and Workmanship
  • Jewelry Quality Nickel Alloy Metal
  • 2.45" High 
  • Limited Edition Numbered
  • Art by "cream", me!

You can see every hair and tiny bud structure in these and can spend a long time just staring at them while you are enjoying your high.  <3

The variants include:
LE15 Copper Cola
LE15 Arizona Cola
LE15 Maui Wowie Cola
LE15 Durban Poison Cola
LE15 Blue Dream Cola
LE15 Strawberry Cough Cola
LE15 Pink Candy Cola
LE15 Kryptonite Cola
LE15 Cotton Candy Cola
LE15 Northern Lights Cola
LE15 Hindu Kush Cola
LE15 Clementine Cola
LE15 Panama Red Cola
LE15 Green Crack Cola
LE15 Hawaiian Cola
LE15 Island Sweet Skunk Cola
LE15 Blueberry Cola
LE15 Super Silver Haze Cola
Le35 GG ( Gorilla Glue) Cola
LE35 Kush Cola
LE35 Afghan Cola
LE35 Colombian Cola
LE35 Blue Cola
LE35 Alien Cola
LE35 Space Cola
LE50 OG Cola