Clockwork Moth - A/B Grade

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Because of my extreme hyper OCD and the intricately complex nature of this Clockwork Moth design, there are small flaws in each pin - such as too much/not enough paint or glitter in areas, small scratches and imperfections. Each of these Moths was crafted by a skilled artisan that worked tirelessly to help create these along side the machine counterparts.
This pin is Grade A/B of two versions:
Grade A/B (3% or less flaws)
Grade B/C (5% or less flaws)

Just as in nature, there is no perfection and symmetry, such is the creation of this Moth. Each one is painted by hand and carries the hard work of its creators. As we rush towards singularity, I challenge everyone to discover more creativity inside of us, and to celebrate and express our individuality.

If you look closely at the gears, they fit together, almost like this Moth is ready to start whirring and take flight at any nanosecond. Maybe all it needs to fly is our unbridled belief that each of our differences are capable of changing the world.

The Moth is slightly thicker and heavier (33 grams) compared to the Steampunk Butterfly (26 grams)

This is actually two pins put together, requiring two molds, and the wings move up and down with over 180 degrees of movement. There are two posts on each wing, so if the pin is separate you will have two pins. The wings are interchangeable with the Steampunk Butterfly (with enough skill, please don't recklessly try this, and ask someone with experience instead).

  • 1.7" high 2.4" wide
  • Amazing Sculpted 3D Detail and Quality
  • Glow in the Dark Highlights
  • Tiny Creamy Glittery Scales
  • Thick Chunky Creamy Style Nickel Alloy Metal
  • 4 posts (2 on each wing)
  • Art on the back
  • Limited Edition Numbered
  • Art by "cream"
  • Original Copper variant is LE300