Over-painted v2 Cola 3D Pins Blind Bag

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Get one v2 Cola Pin from the v2 Cola Collection including Alaskan Thunderf*ck (LE75), Silver Haze (OE@75), Cotton Candy (LE50) Marijuana v2 Cola Pins

***You have about a 1 out of 5 chance to receive a special lucky Limited Edition of 15 (LE15) v2 Cola Pin as one of these Blind Bagged items instead of the three mentioned***

These v2 Cola pins are a super thick and creamy 3D version of the v1 Cola pins. As an artistic preference these were produced with extra paint and glitter, pretty much oozing out and off of the pin itself, giving it a very different, over-painted look. Because these are 3D and have been painted by hand, as well as special treatments applied to the metal, there are possibly numerous imperfections, and none of these pins are exactly identical to each other.
These pins are part of an initiative to create the most realistic and distinct marijuana pins for cannabis enthusiasts, and help increase the appreciation of this wonderful plant. Featuring:

  • Amazing Sculpted 3D Detail
  • Chunky and Heavy Feel
  • Hand painted enamel Art and Workmanship
  • Jewelry Quality Nickel Alloy Metal
  • Some pins include Glitter, UV, and Glow Effects
  • 2.45" High 
  • Limited Edition Numbered
  • Art by "cream"

You can see every hair and tiny bud structure in these and can spend a long time just staring at them while you are enjoying your high <3